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EPE Foam Fitment and Fabrication

Advantages of EPE foam :

    EPE FOAM IS VERY FLEXIBLE MATERIALS : EPE foam is a very flexible material compared to other forms of foam. EPE thus gives most protection for oddly shaped objects.
    EPE Foam Provides Superior Shock Absorbency The closed cell structure of EPE foam makes it able to withstand and absorb high amounts of shock or stress and provide good cushioning to the object it is covering.
    EPE Foam is regains form easily : EPE Foam is quickly regains its original shape after the source of stress or shock has been removed. It cannot be broken, fractured, crumbled, or shattered.
    EPE Foam Resists Chemicals : EPE foam is highly resistant to strong corrosive chemicals like solvents, acids and alkalies. This makes it suitable for providing a barrier or shield for extra protection while storing and handling these chemicals.
    EPE Foam Resistance to Water/ Moisture : EPE foam therefore does not absorb water or allow it to pass through. It is thus used as water protection for materials.
    EPE foam is resistance to Static : Some forms of EPE are highly resistant to static and thus do not attract dust and other tiny particles to its surface.
    EPE foam have Insulation Properties : EPE foam has very low thermal conductivity and thus offers the best insulation against heat.
    EPE foam is Non Toxic And Food Safe : EPE foam is non toxic, and thus can be used for food packaging. It is also resistant to the growth of microbes and fungi on its surface.It is odourless.
    EPE foam is ease of handling : EPE foam is fairly easy to use. It is easily cut, moulded, shaped and glued to other objects or to itself. It can easily be shaped into various objects without the use of expensive equipment or moulds.
    EPE foam is extremely light weight :Although quite tough, EPE foam is very lightweight, thus making it easy to transport and handle. It can be used for a wide variety of applications due to this property.
    Usable Temperature Range :EPE foam can be used within the temperature range of 40 to 70 degrees without affecting its structure or any of its properties thus making it very suitable for a wide variety of applications that require heat or electrical insulation.
    Aesthetics:EPE foam can be dyed in a variety of colours, thus allowing for colour coding or purely aesthetic applications.